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"Discover the Secrets
To The Best Kawaii
Shopping In Tokyo"

Don't waste your precious holiday time wandering around in circles trying to
find a descent kawaii store - know exactly where to find kawaii shopping

From: Jennifer Gormly


Are you looking for the best kawaii shopping experiences in Tokyo,
Japan? Do you want to know exactly where to go to find the cutest
collections of kawaii goods and the best range while still having time
to take in the sights of Tokyo? Then this will be the most important
message you ever read.

Here's Why . . .

My name is Jennifer Gormly and I am a huge fan of both kawaii and

I have been to Tokyo nine times (most recently in April / May 2012) and
have spent hours and hours scouting out the best and easiest to find
kawaii shopping experiences around Tokyo.

Every time I come home from Tokyo my suitcases are full of kawaii
cuteness - soft toys, stickers, stationery, Re-ment toys, gachapon,
adorable socks, cute home wares and anything else you can imagine.

And My Friends Beg Me To Tell Them Where To Go In Tokyo To Find Them All So
That They Can Return From Their Trips With Lots Of Kawaii Cuteness Too!

I used to tell them just to look around online for information and
suggestions for cute stores in Tokyo. But the truth is, that just
doesn't cut it!

I have spent hours scouring the internet, looking at blogs and travel
websites trying to find the best places to shop. And I can tell you, it
is not easy work. Most of the websites are either in Japanese (I don't
speak or read a word of it), don't provide any directions (so how are
you supposed to find anything?) or are several years old and completely
out of date (doesn't that drive you nuts?).

It can be a real up hill battle to work out where to go to find cute
kawaii shops in Japan...but it is NOT a battle that you have to fight.

Luckily For You, I Am the Sort of Woman Who Never Gives Up... So I Have
Fought the Fight For You.

I have done all the research. I have read all the websites. I have made
lists of all the shops they recommend. And, most importantly, I have
visited them myself. I know what each store sells, how good it is and
how worthwhile it is for you to spend your treasured vacation time
visiting. And I know how to find them (no more wandering around in
circles getting lost!).

I have shared all of it with you in my guide to Kawaii Shopping In

Plus, I have added my own secret gems...stores that you won't find
mentioned elsewhere but that are pure kawaii gold!

Order now for only $17 USD


Trust me, I know what it feels like to dream of going to Japan. Right
through high school and university it was the one place I was dying to
visit. And when the opportunity to go finally arose, I was so excited I
was almost jumping out of my skin (actually, I still get that excited
before each and every trip).

But my first trip to Tokyo was actually a little disappointing. I had
so little time there and I had no idea where to go to shop. I didn't
have anything or anyone to guide me. I had heard about one store in
Ginza, so I made sure I went there, but the rest of the time I was just
wandering aimlessly. I came home almost empty-handed.

Imagine how that felt! I had been dreaming about Japan and shopping in
Japan for years and when I finally got to go, I hardly found anything.
No cute soft toys, no adorable kawaii fashions, no unique home
wares,...and just a handful of stickers. I was so sad!

I knew I must have missed something. Japan is supposed to be full of
cuteness, right? The truth is, it is. But I couldn't find it! I had to
wait another five years before I could go back and discover what I had
missed. And I had missed so much!!!

This does NOT have to be you! With this guide by your side, you do not
have to miss any of the treasure trove of kawaii shops around Tokyo.

It doesn't matter whether this is your first trip or your 21st trip, I
want to make sure you have an amazing kawaii shopping experience in
Tokyo and this guide will show you how.

Order now for only $17 USD


I have to confess - I no longer go from shop to shop hoping that the
next one *might* sell something cute. It can be very draining and
disheartening to shop like that, not to mention, time-consuming. And,
it takes away from all the excitement of being in Tokyo.

Tokyo is crammed full of adorable kawaii stores...the types of stores
you dream of visiting. But they are not always easy to spot if you
don't know where to look. In fact, there have been several instances
where I have walked right past amazing kawaii shops and not even
realised that they were there! I only discovered these hidden gems when
I returned to Tokyo on another visit a year or two later. (Thankfully,
I did find them though as it is often these hidden treasures that prove
the most kawaii fun and you won't want to miss them!)

Now when I visit Tokyo I have a list of all my favourite stores to shop
at and I know exactly where they are so I can easily slot them into my

This Is A Huge Advantage Over Most
Kawaii Shoppers Visiting Tokyo...

as I get in tonnes of quality kawaii shopping time while still being
able to visit the attractions of Tokyo (and not totally bore my husband
to death).

And you can too because this guide...

Eliminates the Need To Spend Months and Months Planning While Showing You the
Best Kawaii Shopping Spots In Tokyo!

Until recently, the only way to get this information from me was to
take me out to lunch. I have so much to share with you to help you
create the kawaii shopping experience of your dreams that it just
wouldn't fit in a simple email or blog post!

But I have finally put my nose to the grindstone and have worked
countless hours to transform all my personal notes, tips and secrets
into this easy-to-follow guide to Kawaii Shopping in Tokyo.

This comprehensive guide includes:

* 61 pages of pure kawaii shopping gold
* Kawaii shopping guides to 12 different areas around Tokyo (some of
which you will never find in your Lonely Planet guides).
* Detailed descriptions of the best kawaii shops to visit in each
area and what they sell (so that you know whether or not they are
the shops for you).
* Advice on how to find each and every store easily and without
getting lost.
* Suggestions of nearby tourist attractions to visit so you can
incorporate both shopping and sightseeing into your vacation days.
* Hints and tips to help you plan you ideal kawaii holiday in Tokyo.
* And much more...

By using this guide, you will be able to choose the kawaii shopping
experiences that best suit you and your tastes so that you have the
most shopping fun in Tokyo.And, you will be able to see at a glance
where they will fit into your sightseeing schedule. But that's just the
tip of the iceberg! Let me show you what else you can do with this
guide by your side:
* Discover the seven main types of "absolutely MUST see" kawaii shops
in Tokyo (some of these will really surprise you!).
* Follow a fool-proof guide to finding all the hidden kawaiin
treasures around Ikebukuro without getting completely lost and
* Discover where to find all your favourite character goods from
brands like San-X, Sanrio, Disney and Studio Ghibli.
* Find the eight kawaii shopping gems around Ginza (Hello Kitty
bouquet anyone?)
* Spend more time shopping in adorable stores filled to the brim with
kawaii goodies rather than wandering aimlessly and wasting your
previous vacation time.
* Learn about the best places around Tokyo to find gachapon (capsule
toys that make the cutest little souvenirs and don't take up much
room in your suitcase).
* Find out about my favourite shops for picking up cute kawaii
goodies for only a dollar or two.
* Uncover the secrets to finding Hello Kitty regional goods without
having to visit all the different regions of Japan.
* Discover Tokyo's best SUPER cute stores that you just won't want to
* Plan your visit to Shinjuku so that you can confidently find all
the kawaii stores you wish to visit without getting lost and being
overwhelmed by all the people.
* Explore the adorable kawaii stores located right at Tokyo Station
(anyone fancy a Rilakkuma Kit Kat or a Hello Kitty donut?)
* Discover the six kawaii jewels in the newly re-developed Kinshicho
* Uncover the secret source of kawaii goods that would NEVER have
occurred to you but that you will be sorry if you miss (I only
found it by accident).
* Find out where to go to treat yourself to Hello Kitty pancakes (and
explore the eight kawaii stores nearby)
* Learn of the little-known shopping centre in Tokyo's east that is
pure kawaii heaven!
* Discover the best of Tokyo's theme parks and the kawaii goodies
they have to offer.
* Find out where the locals shop for total kawaii overload!

Plus: With directions included for each store, you will be able to
confidently navigate your way around Tokyo and easily find the shops
you are looking for. But just in case you are still a bit worried about
being in a foreign country where everyone speaks a different language,
I have also included my "Beginner's Guide To Getting Around Tokyo" - a
simple step-by-step look at how to find your way around Tokyo and use
the extensive train system.

And, There's More: For each area featured in my guide to Kawaii
Shopping In Tokyo, I have included suggestions of nearby attractions
you might like to visit on the same day so that you can enjoy
everything Tokyo has to offer, not just the shopping. (Or, of course,
if you prefer, you could always send your family off to enjoy the
tourist attractions while you get in some serious shopping time to

Order now for only $17 USD


There are a lot of people around the world who are going to be furious
with me for spilling the beans on the best places for kawaii shopping
in Tokyo. They like to keep their sources of kawaii goodies a secret.

But, I want you to have an AWESOME time in Tokyo. As a kawaii fan
myself, I know how exciting it is to visit a cute kawaii store in
Tokyo. It can be a real holiday highlight and I don't want you to miss
out on that exhilaration!

So everything you need has been included in this guide!

Order now for only $17 USD


When you order your copy right now...YOU will also qualify for a BONUS
GIFT valued at $17, as my way of saying thank you in advance for
becoming a valued customer and giving my guide a go.


navigating tokyo Navigating Tokyo A Beginner's
Guide To Getting Around Tokyo

Knowing how to get around Tokyo confidently and with ease takes a lot
of stress out of your vacation and leaves you free to let your hair
down and have fun.

In this guide, you will:
* Discover how simple it is to use the extensive network of trains to
travel around Tokyo, even if it is your first visit to Japan and
you don't understand a word of Japanese!
* Understand the difference between the various transport options
available and which ones are best for you.
* Discover how to make sense of the seemingly crazy train line maps
so that you know at a glance how to get to your chosen destinations
(it really is very easy once you understand a few basic
* Learn how to purchase train tickets with ease.
* Uncover the little secret the locals use to make travelling around
Tokyo even easier and quicker.
* Plus much, much more.

Order now for only $17 USD


This price wouldn't buy you a visit for two to Tokyo Tower - let alone
the fun and excitement that many kawaii fans from around the world are
already experiencing in Tokyo. Yet, for the price of a couple of bowls
of noodles...you can create the kawaii holiday of your dreams...with
this guide revealing to you everything you need to know to plan all
your kawaii fun (without you having to spend endless house online

This, my kawaii friend, is an absolute bargain for serious
kawaii-aholics like yourself. What's more, your small investment is
actually irrelevant, because. . .


How fair is this Guarantee?


Only $17 USD


* * * When you place your order, you will get instant access to the
complete guide straight away, no matter where you are (Australia, USA,
England, Antarctica...it really doesn't matter). There is no waiting
days for something to arrive in the mail and no ridiculous shipping
charges - you simply download to your computer and start uncovering
Tokyo's kawaii goldmines today!

It's Now Up To You . .

I have done everything I can to prove to you just how useful,
informative and fun my Kawaii Shopping In Tokyo guide will be for you.

But it is up to you. If you want to spend hours struggling to do all
the research yourself and risk missing out on the best kawaii shopping
Tokyo has to offer . . . then do not invest.

If on the other hand, you want to arrive in Tokyo excited and armed
with everything you need to know for an amazing shopping experience . .
. then take immediate action now, while it is fresh in your mind (and
before you lose the URL) . . . today and turn your Japan trip into an
incredible and memorable holiday full of kawaii cuteness.

Invest in your discounted copy of "Kawaii Shopping In Tokyo" right now

You have absolutely nothing to risk and everything to gain!

Wishing you an amazing kawaii time in Tokyo and safe travels.



Jen Gormly

P.S. Don't forget you have a full 60 days to evaluate every aspect of
this guide. You could even plan your holiday to Japan and be back home
again before the guarantee period is over. And when you are back home .
. . I would love to hear how your holiday turned out! Click here to
invest in my guide to Kawaii Shopping In Tokyo!


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